Hydraulic Filters

Introducing Hydraulic filters by Deji Sekin. Our filters are designed to remove particles and clean the oil in a continous process. The performance of every Hydraulic filters is measured by its contamination removal efficiency, High dirt-holding capacities,which are very efficient. It ensures to protect hydraulic system components from damage caused due to contaminations of oils.

Air Filters

The Air Filters by Deji Sekin cleans air efficiently for effective engine performance. Clean air is very much essential for maintaining the health and long life of internal engines. So,our Air Filters provides clean air and reducing dust and dirt which protects engine life. Deji Sekin Air Filters & Filtration products ensures the best engine efficiency, maintains engine output and maximizes fuel economy by meeting the quality and performance standards required by any engine.

Fuel Filters

Fuel Filters by Deji Sekin, protects your engine from bad effects of dirty fuel. Nowadays, even with the development of cleaner fuels, contaminants are still a big concern. Fuel filtration reduce the wear of injector components, over fueling, deposits and increases fuel efficiency. Deji Sekin filtration provides the best defense for sensitive fuel system components and enhance engine performance.

Water Separators

The oil water separater by Deji Sekin, separates oil and water mixtures efficiently into their separate components. It ensures than clean fuel is delivered to the engine. Water and contaminants have a direct impact on the service life and performance of diesel engine. Our filters removes the water from the diesel fuel before it reaches to the sensitive parts of the engine.

Lube Filters

Lube filters increases the life of the oil and minimizes the the impact of wear causing particles.It improves the efficiency of the Lubrication system. Engine oil can last longer by efficiently removing the particles that cause wear in an engine,which also lowers man hour cost.

Suitable for brand:

JCB JS-75, JS-81, JS-140, JS-200, JS-205, JS-210, JS-220
Komatsu PC-71, PC100,PC-130, PC200,PC-210, PC300,PC300,PC400, PC-450
Hitachi EX-60, EX-70, EX100,EX-110, EX200, EX200-1, EX210, EX300,EX-350,EX370 ZAX200, ZX-210, ZX-220, ZX-330, ZX-370
Kobelco SK100,SK200,SK-210, SK200-8, SK250-8,SK350
Caterpillar E320,E325,E330
Hyundai R-80, R-110, R-130, R-140, R-200,R-210,R-225, R290
Daewoo DH55,DH130,DH220
Dozer D50,D60,D65.D85,D7G,D8K,D9H,D9N,D155,D355
Volvo EC-140, EC-210, EC-240, EC-290, EC-360, EC-460, EC-480