Idler Assembly
Idler Assembly


Introducing high quality Idlers from Rossica. Our Idlers and Tension groups are highly efficient, even in extreme environments. These are fatigue strength and wear resistance. Rossica is the leading global source name of earthmoving machinery.

Suitable for brand:

JCB JS-75, JS-81, JS-140, JS-200, JS-205, JS-210, JS-220
Komatsu PC-71, PC100,PC-130, PC200,PC-210, PC300,PC300,PC400, PC-450
Hitachi EX-60, EX-70, EX100,EX-110, EX200, EX200-1, EX210, EX300,EX-350,EX370 ZAX200, ZX-210, ZX-220, ZX-330, ZX-370
Kobelco SK100,SK200,SK-210, SK200-8, SK250-8,SK350
Caterpillar E320,E325,E330
Hyundai R-80, R-110, R-130, R-140, R-200,R-210,R-225, R290
Daewoo DH55,DH130,DH220
Dozer D50,D60,D65.D85,D7G,D8K,D9H,D9N,D155,D355
Volvo EC-140, EC-210, EC-240, EC-290, EC-360, EC-460, EC-480